Is it worth applying for a consumer credit?

One of the most common questions is whether consumer credit really pays off. There is no single answer to this question, since the application for a consumer credit depends to a large extent on the family’s financial condition and the final objective of the credit in question. In this article we will carry out a […]

Consumer credit is taking on new colors!

Long ignored, too often neglected, consumer credit recovered in France in 2016. In fact, outstanding credit of this type is increasing at a rate of 5% per year, a situation unprecedented for more than six years. Not to mention the amounts borrowed which, too, are experiencing an undoubted increase. Could this be the signal of […]

Credit without Credit bureau entry for trainees.

Getting a loan without a Credit bureau entry for trainees is generally not easy. The main reason is that trainees earn very little and have no guarantee that they will be taken on by their company after completing their training. Only if a takeover can be guaranteed in writing can the bank or the private […]

Take out loan despite existing loan Is that possible?

Can I take out a loan despite having an existing loan, for example to finance a car and my furniture? Many consumer goods and some services can only be financed today with a loan. This applies not only to cars or real estate for which there are special loans, but also to furnishings, kitchen furniture […]

When is a loan contract valid?

As soon as you have signed the loan agreement with the bank, it is valid. A legally binding and binding loan agreement is concluded with the consent of both parties – ie you and the bank – in the form of the respective signature. If both parties agree to the loan, the loan contract is […]

Use the Credit Redemption Simulator

    To purchase a loan for a public servant or employee or retiree, you will need to know the different possibilities of monthly payments, the maximum loan periods and the cash that you can add to your purchase. This is why a credit redemption simulator is useful for this research. Do not wait, a credit […]